Rewiring a house to bring children home

Pulling new wiringGod works in amazing ways. One recent way was through a local electrician and several friends from local churches. The CALL in Baxter County was made aware from a DCFS Case Worker of a family that needed some major rewiring of their home in order for their children to return home from foster care.

Installing new power conduitThe family was very discouraged because they were told it was a significant problem and would cost well above anything they would be able to pay. One of our respite families happened to see the post on our FB page about the need and felt passionate about making it happen. Kaytie Kelley and her husband, Ryan, recruited Josh Thompson, with Thompson Electric, Wirt McKee, Eric Rushing, and Russell Tucker and they got the entire job DONE for FREE for the family. Our local Home Depot was amazing and donated some of the supplies as well! Not only was physical light brought to this biological families home but also the team was able to pray over the family as well and bring the most important light of all our Savior Jesus Christ. We received a thank you note from the biological family with precious words of their thanks.

Working to restore families can happen in many forms. God can and does use people and many situations to bring glory to Him. We are thankful The CALL in Baxter County was able to help facilitate and witness this amazing work He did through His people.

The CALL in Baxter County

The Call in Baxter County is actively recruiting, training, and supporting foster and adoptive parents. Attending a CALL Information Meeting is the first step in learning about the foster care crisis in Mountain Home, what the local churches are doing in response to it, and what we can do on an individual level for kids in foster care. The CALL keeps James 1:27 in the spotlight, “True religion is this, to look after the orphan…in their distress.”

There are so many ways to help The CALL, not only by foster and adopting children in our DCFS system, but by volunteering to help with The CALL Closet, or at the DCFS office doing administrative work, or by transporting kids when needed, or even–and especially!–by praying for the kids, for our DCFS staff, for the parents of the kids and for the foster or adoptive parents caring for them.

Join us! The Lord is at work here and it is so exciting! Become part of a growing group of advocates for the Baxter County kids in foster care!!! This work is not for the faint of heart—it is challenging and stretching on many levels—but these kids are worth it!! If we as believers don’t respond to this need of more foster homes, who will? These precious kids are waiting–waiting to be loved, to feel special, to believe they are NOT a burden. Let us show them what a delight they are to the Father! Come with us to be the hands and feet of Jesus! Jesus loves children!!!

Baxter contact info


phone: 501-231-3011


Tenille Rauls, County Coordinator