I want to be a Defender

Some days – in fact, many days – we spend $19 in a way that isn’t necessary.

But WHAT IF there was a way to use that $19 to make a memorable and lasting gift that is truly changing lives one at a time?

For just $19 a month in 2019, your gift can make a difference in the life of a child in foster care. Those that are placed into foster care deserve a safe home, for a season or forever, where they can heal in security and thrive in stability. Your gift can help rewrite a child or youth’s story by giving love, building futures and changing lives!

In Psalms 82:3, we are called to defend the fatherless and stand up for the powerless. Will you stand up for these children in foster care? Through no fault of their own, these children and youth have been removed from their homes and placed in foster care. Will you DEFEND them in their greatest time of need?

Please answer your calling and become a DEFENDER today! Your recurring donation will help meet the essential needs of children in foster care and ensure that there are families ready when a child needs a foster or adoptive home.

The Value of Your Gift

$25 a month provides immediate needs, like a meal, clothing, and toys for a child removed from his home
$50 a month supports efforts to recruit and train 5 new foster families
$100 a year provides training in trauma informed care for a foster or adoptive family
$250 a year provides training for our support volunteers to serve the foster and adoptive families
$500 provides training to prepare a family to take in a child who has been removed from her home
$3,000 provides a Christian family for a child removed from his home
$5,000 will open The CALL in one new county in Arkansas
The CALL monthly defender T-shirtWith your $19 a month minimum donation you will be enrolled in our monthly Defender program. As The CALL Defender, you will receive an exclusive Defender t-shirt. Be sure to select your t-shirt size on the donation form.

I want to be a Defender