The Byerleys: God’s Approval

“To those trying to make a decision about fostering and/or adopting, I would like to share our experience in brief.  My wife and I were told about The Call and went to a meeting at a church.  At the meeting we got the information and the opportunity to put our foot forward in the direction of opening our home to the orphaned children in Arkansas.  We soon realized in the training the seriousness and severity of the situations leading to a child being placed in foster care.  We became aware that this was going to be more of a ministry that requires God’s help.  Once we began with our first placement we felt an almost indescribable assurance of God’s approval and blessing.  We soon found out the common goal of all was to reunite these kids back to their parents….We may foster and/or adopt more but what I like is the fact that we made the decision based on what we can do and what God wills us to do.  We’ve learned it takes courage to make this decision but ultimately it is God’s approval that really matters.  I hope our example helps and encourages you in this great endeavor.” -Jeffery

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