The CALL in Lonoke & Prairie Counties

Mobilizing the Church in Arkansas to love children and youth in foster care with the extravagant love of Christ

117 churches
in Lonoke & Prairie Counties

83 children
spend time in Lonoke & Prairie Counties foster care on average each day due to abuse or neglect

On average, there are only
51 families
to care for these children

Chana Hanle

Chana Hanle is the Financial Coordinator for The CALL in Lonoke/Prairie Counties. She decided to join The CALL in 2014. It was during this time … Continue reading “Chana Hanle”

Melissa Furnell

Melissa Furnell volunteers as the Support Group Coordinator for The CALL in Lonoke and Prairie Counties. She and her husband initially served in the roles … Continue reading “Melissa Furnell”

Jodi Whitehurst

Jodi Whitehurst oversees The CALL Mall for Lonoke and Prairie Counties. She first joined The CALL when she and her husband opened their home to … Continue reading “Jodi Whitehurst”

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