Jodi Whitehurst

Jodi Whitehurst oversees The CALL Mall for Lonoke and Prairie Counties. She first joined The CALL when she and her husband opened their home to fostering and adoption. They went through The CALL’s training program in order to begin this process. Their home was open until they had their third child, at which point they decided to close their home until their youngest child was older. Jodi says that she loves to volunteer for The CALL because she loves being able to support foster children and foster families.

As The CALL Mall director, Jodi has a lot of responsibilities. These responsibilities include praying with our families, keeping the CALL Mall organized, distributing Mall goods as needed to our foster families, and collecting donations. She also runs The CALL Mall’s Facebook page for Lonoke and Prairie counties in order to keep our families and the community informed about what is going on with The Mall. One of her favorite parts of her job is fundraising and interacting with donors because “giving brings out the best in people.”

“It is satisfying to supply a need for families who are giving so much.”

Jodi is an English professor For Arkansas State University in Beebe. She is also a wife, a mother of three, a worship leader, and a Sunday school teacher. In her free time, Jodi also loves to play with her children, spend time with her husband, travel, and write.

We are so thankful for Jodi and all that she does for the families in Lonoke and Prairie counties. As always, one of the easiest ways that we can support our volunteers is to lift them up in prayer. When you think of it, be sure to thank God for Jodi and her service to the children and families in our area!