Come to an Info Meeting

Come explore what God may have for YOU to do in the life of a child in foster care in your community!

The first step is to attend a CALL Informational Meeting for prospective Foster and Adoptive Families, but also for anyone who wants to volunteer with or support The CALL in any way.

An Info Meeting is an excellent way to get an overview of the process, to hear from current foster and adoptive parents, to learn about volunteer opportunities, to get all of your questions answered, and to start the paperwork process, if you so decide.

Info Meetings are held regularly in The CALL counties.

Click here to find the calendar for your county and register.

Fostering facts

FACT: Foster families provide a temporary, healthy, loving home for children in foster care while biological families resolve the issues that brought their children to into care.

FACT: If you are you willing to build into the life of a child temporarily and support reunification without the expectation of adoption – then you will be a perfect foster parent.

FACT: Foster families are expected to provide a nurturing family environment which includes guidance, stimulation, affection, praise, encouragement and appropriate discipline.

FACT: Foster families can specify the age group of children you are willing to take into your home. You choose which children come into your home.

FACT: Foster families prepare children to enter school at an appropriate age and provide opportunities for children to express their strengths, gifts and talents.

FACT: Foster families transport children to doctor visits, court, and family visits.

FACT: Foster Families teach children life skills.

FACT: The CALL recruited foster families only take placements from their home county.

FACT: 1,000 more foster homes are needed statewide to have a home for every child in foster care.

FACT: Foster families are especially needed for teens, sibling groups, infants, and children with special medical needs.

FACT: To learn more about fostering attend an Information Meeting hosted by The CALL.