Come to an Info Meeting

Come explore what God may have for YOU to do in the life of a child in foster care in your community!

The first step is to attend a CALL Informational Meeting for prospective Foster and Adoptive Families, but also for anyone who wants to volunteer with or support The CALL in any way.

An Info Meeting is an excellent way to get an overview of the process, to hear from current foster and adoptive parents, to learn about volunteer opportunities, to get all of your questions answered, and to start the paperwork process, if you so decide.

Info Meetings are held regularly in The CALL counties.

Click here to find the calendar for your county and register.

Facts about children in foster care

FACT: 7,000 children spend time in foster care in Arkansas every year.

FACT: Today there are about 4,500 children in foster care.

FACT: Children are placed in foster homes because they have been removed from their own families due to abuse, neglect, or other family problems that endanger their safety.

FACT: Each child deserves a safe, loving temporary home where they can heal and grow.

FACT: Children in foster care range in age from infancy through 18 years of age.

FACT: Some children have special medical, physical, or emotional needs.

FACT: Children in foster care are from every ethnicity or race.

FACT: 85% of the time the permanency goal for children who enter foster care is reunification with their biological family.

FACT: 50% of children in foster care in Arkansas must be placed outside their home county because there are not enough foster homes available to care for children in their home county.

FACT: Sibling groups, teens, and children with special medical needs are the most difficult to place – either in a foster home or an adoptive home.

FACT: 500 children are available for adoption in Arkansas and waiting for a forever family.

FACT: The average age of a child waiting to be adopted in Arkansas is 8 years old.

FACT: There are very few children under the age of 2 available for adoption from foster care.

FACT: Every year about 250 teens between 18 and 21 “age out” of the foster care system without a permanent family connection.