Come to an Info Meeting

Come explore what God may have for YOU to do in the life of a child in foster care in your community!

The first step is to attend a CALL Informational Meeting for prospective Foster and Adoptive Families, but also for anyone who wants to volunteer with or support The CALL in any way.

An Info Meeting is an excellent way to get an overview of the process, to hear from current foster and adoptive parents, to learn about volunteer opportunities, to get all of your questions answered, and to start the paperwork process, if you so decide.

Info Meetings are held regularly in The CALL counties.

Click here to find the calendar for your county and register.

For prospective foster and adoptive families

At The CALL, we believe that God calls Christian families to minister to the unique needs of children in foster care. We also believe that faith in Jesus is integral to our ability and motivation to love and care for children from hard places.

The CALL provides an alternative method for Christians, both married and single, to pursue the certification process to open their homes to children in DCFS custody. The CALL recruits, trains, and supports foster and adoptive families in local churches to serve local children in foster care. Foster families provide a temporary home for children until they can safely be reunited with family. Adoptive families give children whose parental rights have been terminated a forever home.

Cost should never be an obstacle for families called to serve God’s precious children in foster care. There is no charge for The CALL’s services to foster and adoptive families. The cost is covered by our loyal donors who believe who believe in The CALL recruit, train and support more than enough families to meet the needs of foster children statewide.

Is God calling you to step out in faith to care for His precious children in foster care? Let us help you navigate the process!

The CALL Foster/Adopt PRIDE Training for Prospective Families
Our 30 hour PRIDE Training classes are conducted over 2 full weekends at convenient church locations where there is an affiliate of The CALL. Qualified and trained Christian volunteers facilitate the training sessions. Prospective families attend with other families from their community who share a Christian faith. This helps participants build bonds of support with other families who are going through the certification process. The CALL is not a training agency, or our training is open to families we recruit in counties where there is an active local affiliate of The CALL.

Support through the Certification Process
The CALL’s volunteers/staff are committed to walking our families through every step in the process. We are a family’s main point of contact for encouragement, questions, and reminders to keep moving! We provide an efficient way to help families collect the required paperwork and assist them with building a support network. Our local affiliates also provide a Foster/Adoptive Family Support Group.