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A note from County Coordinator, Ashley Herring:

May was foster care awareness month and our town rallied around the movement! It is a joy and a privilege to serve as a foster parent in this community.
I also had the privilege of having placements in my home during this time. Being a foster parent is one of the most rewarding, yet challenging assignments God has ever given me. The sacrifice of time and energy, the emotional toll of entering into their hurt, and the anxiety of taking care of someone else’s child requires an enormous amount of support from family, friends, the church, and the community. All of this to say, that if you know a foster parent, reach out to them! They may act or look like they don’t need it, but they do! They are pouring it out and need to be poured in to.

If you feel the call to be a foster parent, don’t let the messiness deter you. There is no better community in the country to be a foster parent than in Cleburne County. God will provide all that you need if you give him your family for a child!