In 2014, God did amazing things right here in Pulaski County!

On behalf of our board and staff, and the children, I want to thank you for your financial support providing Christian families for kids who need one. We are very grateful for your willingness to partner with us in our efforts toward “no waiting children”!

To recap the incredible success of 2014, God did amazing things right here in Pulaski County!

  • 84 local churches of various Christian denominations and ethnicity developed new or enhanced partnerships with The CALL in Pulaski County to mobilize their church on behalf of the local “orphans” in the foster system.
  • 209 families from churches attended a CALL Info Meeting last year to hear more about ways to help children in the foster system.
  • 118 of those families began the process to foster or adopt.
  • 65 new Christian foster and adoptive families were approved and open to welcome in children and teens in crisis who need a family
  • 113 open and available foster families are serving who were recruited, trained, and supported through The CALL and partner churches! That is more than ½ of the total available foster families in our county!
  • Plus, 37 children and teens experienced the finalization of their adoption into Christian CALL-recruited forever families this year.
  • In just the past 7 years since The CALL in Pulaski County began, our records show that we have been a part of 182 children and teens adopted locally into Christian forever families — and those are just the ones we know about! Plus, over a thousand have been welcomed into these families through foster care!

This brings tears to my eyes. God is on the move!

However, we must always remember that each of these numbers is a life that has been given a future and a hope. A child or teen who has been shown the unconditional love of our Heavenly Father!

Here is just one of the God stories of a teenager who was adopted locally this year, a God story that your investment has made happen…

My name is Corbin Taylor (17 years old). I got put into foster care when I was 13. I’ve seen a lot of kids age out of the foster care system. Most of them who don’t have a home to go to, they go to friends’ houses to stay, or they just stay on the streets, and never actually have a home. Some of them get put into jail. I didn’t want that to be me.

I met (my adoptive parents) at a Christmas party. We just talked about what we liked and what we did for fun. I found out that I was going to be adopted by them one day at school. Their DHS worker came to get me from school. I was really excited that they were going to adopt me because that’s who I wanted to be with. It just made me happy and joyful. Joy that I haven’t had in the years that I’ve been in care. I’ve been in group homes most of the time that I’ve been in foster care. So, coming into a home and having my own bedroom, just having a family, it was very weird for me at first. I can actually just be a teenager and don’t have to worry about having (too) much responsibility. I have responsibilities, but not like I did when I was in care. To call them Mom and Dad is very normal now. I feel very comfortable saying that. Saying I love you is kind of in the middle – sometimes it’s hard to say it and other times I feel good about it.

The one thing that has surprised me is the support that we have gotten from family and friends and people from our church that just came forward and supported us from the very beginning through now. It was just really shocking to me about how many people prayed for us, and prayed for me to be a part of this family.

I had challenges when I first came here, and we’re still working through them. But it can be worked out. I am really excited to be a part of this family. This is my forever family now.

Thank you for being a part of allowing children and teens to be welcomed into Christian foster and adoptive families.

I am available at any time to answer your questions, so please do not hesitate to call or email me. We greatly appreciate your partnership in this ministry and look forward to what God will do through The CALL in the year to come!

Until no child is waiting,
Mary Carol Pederson signature