Boone County sent kids Back to School in Style!

Room full of clothes, toys and other items for children in foster care

God is doing great things with The CALL in Boone County! We’ve had a successful summer and we are looking forward to The Fall!thumbnail_img_0606 We have opened several new foster homes! We are currently supporting 21 foster homes through The CALL. We also minster to therapeutic foster homes, provisional homes, some biological families that have worked hard to get their children back home, and to a few homes in neighboring counties where The CALL hasn’t launched yet, so we actually serve about 40 families through our CALL Mall.

We had an extremely successful Back 2 School Bash for all of the kids where we supplied backpacks, school supplies, and brand new shoes to EVERY child in the foster family when they started back to school thanks to the generosity of our community. The families were all able to come in and do some back to school shopping while they picked up their supplies. We saw 98 kids come through!

The CALL 10K challenge logoEarlier this summer we were offered a $10K Challenge to raise $10,000 in just a few short months and a generous donor would match that amount if we could raise it. Again, our amazing community stepped up and we were not only able to raise that amount, but we blew past it in a major way! God proves that He is so much bigger than we can dream or imagine! He always provides for his children! Thanks to that generous donation, we are now able to meet the needs of over 100 children that are currently in foster are in Boone County! We are able to continue our efforts to recruit and train more families.

We are so thankful for our supporters and friends in Boone County that step up and answer The CALL.

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