Come to an Info Meeting

Come explore what God may have for YOU to do in the life of a child in foster care in your community!

The first step is to attend a CALL Informational Meeting for prospective Foster and Adoptive Families, but also for anyone who wants to volunteer with or support The CALL in any way.

An Info Meeting is an excellent way to get an overview of the process, to hear from current foster and adoptive parents, to learn about volunteer opportunities, to get all of your questions answered, and to start the paperwork process, if you so decide.

Info Meetings are held regularly in The CALL counties.

Click here to find the calendar for your county and register.


“I had looked at adoption internationally, but when I looked into the high cost and understood that there were orphans who need homes right here in our community, I began to pursue adopting through the state.” — Prospective adoptive parent

Becoming an Adoptive Parent

The CALL is unique because it provides the opportunity for prospective adoptive parents to go through state-approved training WITHIN a church setting. You will have an automatic “support group” as you go through training with other Christians. The training is offered in a more convenient format than the norm to accommodate your schedule. The CALL will walk you through every step in the process, easing the burden. Once you have invited a child into your home, The CALL encourages support from your church family.The first step in the process is to attend a CALL Informational Meeting in your county! Learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: Who may become an adoptive parent?

A single or married applicant must be ages 21-65 years. It is recommended that the adoptive parent not be more than 45 years older than the child he or she is adopting. If applicants are currently married, they must have been married for at least 2 years. Homes will not be approved if there are transient roomers or boarders.

Question: What are the requirements to become an adoptive parent through The CALL?

Attend a CALL Info Meeting and complete background check paperwork, CALL statement of faith agreement and standards policy, and FBI fingerprints
Initial In Home Consult
Complete remaining paperwork – home study application, assessment and questionnaires, copy of birth certificates, copy of marriage certificate or divorce decree (if applicable), W-2 forms or pay stubs, proof of home and auto insurance, immunization records for all children, proof of pet rabies vaccination (if applicable), proof of TB skin tests for those 12 and older in the home, copy of water bill, 3 reference letter forms, home fire escape plan with room dimensions
Attend pre-service CALL PRIDE training class required by the state – a two-weekend 30-hour class
Attend Infant/Child and Adult CPR and First Aid Training
Physical forms completed by doctor for ALL in the home
CALL Support Group Meeting Attendance (Attend ONE meeting)
Home Study (Requires 2 home visits)
Create a Family Book with photos and descriptions that show your home, your family, and other details you want the adoption specialist to know.
Contacted by an Adoption Specialist

Question: Doesn’t it cost a LOT to adopt a child?

No, not when you adopt a foster child through the state. In fact, it will cost you practically nothing! DHS does not charge a fee to apply for adoption, but you may have some very minimal court costs and other fees. However, there is a federal tax credit for any adoption costs.

Question: What children are available for adoption?

You can visit the Arkansas Heart Gallery to see profiles and photos of some of the children who need forever families. Simply go to

Question: How do I find out more about adopting through The CALL?

You can attend one of our monthly CALL Informational meetings. To sign up, go to the “Events” page and click the link to register.

Question: Is there someone who can answer my questions about adoption?

Please e-mail or call us with any questions.