A Volunteer’s Journey

Any and all non-profits have to have passionate volunteers! And one of our most amazing volunteers is our very own Keith Jones! Keith and his wife Natasha have 7 children(yes all biological!) and they live here in Little Rock. They do so much for this organization and they are proof that we can all do something to help!

“My journey with The CALL started with being added to a prayer team back in the Fall of 2007 after a presentation at my church. The next Spring an email asking for volunteer trainers caught my attention, and was quickly affirmed by my wife. We had 3 kids under 3 and did not feel God calling us to foster or adopt at that time, but I was a trainer at work so this was an opportunity to use my gifts for the ministry. I faithfully trained 2-3 weekends a year for the next 4 years and in the process started to help Michelle Douglas coordinate the trainings. When Michelle joined the Statewide CALL shortly after its launch, I officially became the Training Coordinator for The CALL of Pulaski County.

Training and coordinating training has allowed me to see how God’s plans are greater than our plans. Shortly before I started volunteering as a trainer, I began a Masters degree in Instructional Systems to increase my knowledge in developing training and understanding how people learn. I thought I was doing this to help my career, but I have since moved into more of a project management role at work and have found that I use the things I learned in my role as training coordinator, helping train new trainers, at our yearly summit meetings, and in other ways. God has also blessed my family by helping our kids see the needs of other families and the value of serving others. It has not always been easy and my wife Natasha can tell stories of hard weekends with the kids as the enemy attacked her patience as I was away training, but God has been faithful to use this to shape us in ways we never could have imagined.”


-Keith Jones Our PRIDE Training Coordinator

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