Foster care is more than a trend. It is more than just doing something good for the kids and families in our community. “Doing good” will not get you through the placement of a child who has lasting effects from Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and throws big tantrums. “Doing good” won’t get you through the pain of rejection when you pour out your heart to a child who isn’t able to attach and receive your affection. “Doing good” will not help you when your child suffers emotional delays and has poor self-control.

In a recent sermon I heard by David Platt, Counter Culture: Father to the Fatherless, he makes the point that foster and adoptive care starts at the cross. At the cross, we can realize we too had little to offer and Christ pursued us. He persevered in our rebellion and brought us to himself. When we can see this, it changes how we see foster and adoptive care. It is no longer about the cute and easy little child but leaning into the hard, tough children that make life hard on us! At the cross it makes sense to love the unlovable and uncontrollable. As Christians, we hear the cries of children in foster care and those without a family of their own. We do not bring the hope of a better lifestyle or better education. We offer the hope of a Father on high who sees, protects and defends and a savior that pursues and rescues!

This is the heart of The CALL in Cleburne County.


Thank you to First United Methodist Church in Heber Springs for hosting our January meeting. We had a great turnout with several new families volunteering for a variety of things. Thank you to all of the many volunteers who served us yummy food and watched our children during the meeting. We could not do what we do without the love and partnership of the local church. THANK YOU!!


The CALL in Cleburne County recently had a weekend leadership retreat in order to gear up for the new year!! The team spent two days brainstorming and discussing goals for 2017. It was a very productive weekend, and we have a lot of great plans for this year that we are very excited to carry out. We also spent some time connecting with one another and discussing our roles within the CALL and how they can be improved upon. We got to know each other better, learning about each others strengths and weaknesses and how to help each other in our individual jobs with the CALL.


Thank you to the Daisy Patch Quilters who made beautiful quilts and pillowcases for our foster children!! Polly Reynolds, pictured above, represented the group in presenting them to the CALL.

Thank you Kristen McCormick for your donations to the CALL Mall! This sweet girl donated pajamas and a Walmart gift card to help foster children in Cleburne County. We thank you Kristen for your donation!

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