We are growing!

The CALL in Union county has had an amazing year and God isn’t slowing down! We starting 2015 with 3 open/active foster homes. We are proud that we just opened our 24th home! That means that we have 24 individual families that have opened their homes to provide a loving, safe, Christian home to the children that find themselves in foster care. While we are currently serving 33 foster children and 5 adopted children, we still are finding that we can not house every child that comes into care. Our surrounding counties are desperate for open homes and we open see many of their placements in Union county.

We are currently working with 15 pending families to open their homes to foster/adoption. We are assisting Columbia and Ouachita counties in a variety of ways to grow their counties, as well. We believe these two objectives will greatly ease the work of our local DCFS and solve the numbers of Union county children being placed out of county.

In 2015 we moved into our new offices at the Petroleum building and are grateful for their support. In November we opened our CALL mall to assist our homes with the basic supplies as they embrace these children. At the CALL mall, our families can “shop” for diapers, wipes, lotions, shampoos, toys, beds, car seats, clothing, and bedding. This helps alleviate the financial burden on our families. These supplies are also made available to our local DCFS workers as they assist families and keep their supplies stocked.

The CALL in Union county has only one paid employee and a handful of volunteers. Our focus is always on our families serving these children. We are looking for volunteers that want to come along beside these families and our organization!

We are blessed with an amazing Advisory Board that work and live in Union county:

Tim Bolin: Financial Coordinator/Co Chair

Elizabeth Glass: Foster parent/Co Chair

Ashley Gurley: Church Rep coordinator

Rexayn Tribble: Foster parent/ Training Coordinator

Tonya Bradshaw: Foster parent/ CPR coordinator

Karen Langston: Union county coordinator

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